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A3 Wraps can bring your glass to life with printed Window film. Perfect for Vehicle Graphics, Storefront, Retail, Office, and more!
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Window film for see-through graphics!
Perforated Window film, also known as window perf, is an awesome addition to any brick-and-mortar business because you can use your window space for Signage or for cool artistic effects—or both! Normally, those expanses of glass just sit there doing nothing, but you can put them to work for you! The best part is, with our amazing Perforation window film, you can see right through to the outside! It's the best of both worlds: one-way visibility keeps your windows functioning as windows for those on the inside; light still comes through, you can still see what's going on outside, etc; but from the outside your windows are custom Signage! Have A3 Wraps – Vehicle Graphics & Clear Bra install Window film graphics on your workplace or business windows, and watch the transformation! Not only will you get much more customer awareness and engagement, you'll also improve the aesthetic of your Retail location, Storefront, or whatever business you happen to have. We also offer Privacy glass film in a variety of styles and patterns. In short, we have a Window film for every need!

A3 Wraps - Vehicle Graphics & Clear Bra also does Denver Window film for vehicles. We cover that topic in our Vehicle Graphics section!

Whether you'd like Window film / window graphics on your building windows or on your company fleet, call (720) 647 9688 for your window graphics consultation!
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Window film graphics

Denver Window film  by A3 Wraps - Vehicle Graphics & Clear Bra
Whether or not you're getting a Vehicle vinyl wrap with printed graphics, your vehicle windows are prime real estate for letting customers know about your product or service. Printed Window film graphics from A3 Wraps transform your blank glass into advertising Signage. Best of all, it's see-through...but only in one direction. As the driver, you obviously need to see through the Window film to drive safely. Tiny holes, or perforations, allow you to see right through the graphics. People outside your vehicle, however, can't see through to the inside; to them, your Window film looks like solid graphics. This one-way vision or one-way visibility lets you have the best of both worlds: your windows still function as windows for you, while functioning as a mobile Billboard for everyone else! The privacy aspect is pretty cool, too! Call A3 Wraps today at (720) 647 9688 if you'd like the awesomeness of perf Window film on your car, truck, van, SUV, or bus!

Privacy window film

A3 Wraps - Vehicle Graphics & Clear bra - Denver privacy glass film
Privacy glass Window film comes in a wide range of styles and effects, but the common theme is that you want your windows to let light through but not have people seeing through. For example, many offices have extensive glasswork that can create a fishbowl effect where everyone is visible to everyone else. This can be distracting and decrease productivity, which is why many Denver businesses call A3 Wraps – Vehicle Graphics & Clear Bra to install privacy film on their glass and windows. What's cool is that you don't have to have all or nothing: full visibility or full opacity: you can choose the level of Privacy film transparency, and you can also selectively cover certain portions of the glasswork while leaving other portions untreated. Privacy glass treatment options range from a frosted glass effect to stained glass patterns to solid color opacities to printed geometric patterns, company branding, custom artwork prints, and more. Options are endless with privacy glass film!
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